Are you ready for a change in your insurance agency? If you are paying high rates and not getting the service you need, contact us. We are offering the best car, home, life, business and flood insurance in the Orlando FL. It is important that you choose a reliable company that can truly reimburse you in case an accident occurs. We can offer you the best prices and the assurance that your home or auto are protected.

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Your home is your castle and like any precious structure it needs to be insured. Not only from the obvious things like a fire or a flood, but from burglars and damage caused by others. If you live in the Orlando FL area, we are here to assist you. It’s all about having the coverage that you need, and we can provide it at a reasonable cost. Let our  agency protect your home and auto, and give you the best coverage’s at affordable prices. Check also our life insurance offers!

Home InsuranceWhether you want to insure a condo or a single family home, we the type you need. Our prices are extremely affordable and our coverage is top notch. The most important thing about having home or auto insurance is having an ally in times of crisis. Yes, we are there every step of the way for our valued customer during an emergency. We want to make sure that you have an adequate coverage and that your family have the money they need should you be struck with a catastrophe.

Why trust your home insurance to our agency?

We have been in the business for 25 years and have been servicing the customers living in or around the Orlando FL area with pride. We understand that a home is a huge investment and it is essential to have adequate coverage for it. Whether you own several homes or just one, we can ensure that you are covered should disaster strike. We will instruct you on the importance of insuring at market value or replacement value and which options works best for your budget. There are ways to get the premium lower by making the deductible higher and forgoing some options. We work within your financial means to ensure you have the coverage that you wish for.

Our agency provides full service for both your home and autos and offers some of the best rates around the Orlando FL area. Our professional home and business agents will instruct you on what coverage’s best suit your need, because we want to make purchasing your insurance policy as stress-free and hassle-free as possible. There is no policy too big or small, we want to help you! Whether you have a policy for a mansion or a modest home, we can provide you with an assurance that you will be fully covered if an accident occurs. If you live in or around Southeast Orlando FL and the surrounding areas, we can help you get great value of coverage for the economical price you have invested. Call Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance at (321) 332-7090 and see why so many people trust us for all of their needs.

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