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Flood Insurance

Imagine this scenario: You have never seen a rain storm like that in your town! Trees — very thick trees — tumbled on top of houses; filthy, stinking floodwater outside up to your ankles; rancid sewer water inside your home turning your belongings into wretched, sodden, worthless junk. What is your best defense against devastating financial loss in case of a flood? Be prepared! Contact Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance, the best insurance agency in Southeast Orlando, FL, and choose the home insurance that fits your needs best!

Devastating floods, that take lives and ruin property, occur throughout the United States every year. Changing weather patterns, paired Flood Insurance with over-development, along with the leveling of forests, which reduces the land’s natural ability to absorb water, are increasing the flood risk for a number of households. Even if your property is not located near a water source, you are not completely out of the woods. Having home insurance will give you peace of mind that your property is protected. Have you ever considered life insurance? Simply contact Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance and find out what your options are!

Floods result in more than $2 billion in property damage each year. Unfortunately, losses due to flooding are not covered under the majority of business and homeowners policies. Purchasing flood insurance is the best way to protect yourself from overwhelming property and financial loss. Flood insurance is available to commercial owners, as well as renters, homeowners and condo owners. Costs vary depending on the type of purchased insurance, what it covers, along with the property’s flood risk.

At Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance, we have insured the residents and businesses of Southeast Orlando, FL from unpredictable flooding since 1988. It is one of the specialties of our insurance agency. We will make sure we share all of our expertise and knowledge with you, whether it comes to home, flood or life insurance. When you can minimize the loss from potential flooding for such a small cost, you have to do it! You have to protect your loved ones, as well as your assets. Do not hesitate to call our Southeast Orlando, FL office today and get your free quote. The insurance experts at Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance will forever ease your fears of flooding.