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It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, service or customer oriented, every business in Orlando, FL requires insurance. Business insurances protects assets and revenue, aside from the fact that many federal and state regulations force businesses to purchase insurance coverage. Without proper insurance, investors and banks (financial service providers) may prevent access to capital and financing if not all insurance requirements are met. Here are some of the benefits.

Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance is an insurance agency in Orlando, FL that also offers business insurance packages among many others. Our insurance, also known as commercial liability insurance, is one of the most important insurance options a business can have. What makes it so special is the fact that it offers full protection. For instance, if a customer gets injured in your store and decides to sue, liability insurance will cover the costs.

BusinessAnother great advantage is that it also protects the property of others which are damaged because of daily operations. Here is an example: if you own a moving company and one of your employees knocks over an expensive vase while performing his job, business insurance will cover the costs for the lawsuit.

Commercial auto insurance is another benefit of having business insurance. Our insurance agency offers commercial automobile insurance as an integrated part of the insurance package. Having your business cars insured is very important. If one of your business vehicles causes property damage, the insurance coverage will provide protection for your business. It will also cover theft, fire, or damage to company vehicles.

Another part of the business insurance package is workers compensation. By having your business insured, you ensure that your employees are provided with medical care and their salaries remain the same, in case they get injured on the job. For many jobs like plumbing, construction, electrical and other hands-on jobs, it is required to have insurance with workers compensation insurance included or else they are not allowed to work.

Many individuals will never hire a company which is not insured. So purchasing business insurance is, in a way, a method to attract customers and to show your business is reliable. Whether you own a plumbing company or an auto repair service, business insurance is a must if you want your clients to trust you.

For those companies that sell products and not services, insurance policy will offer protection in cases of broken or defective products. For companies that offer professional services such as lawyers, medical professionals, architects, etc., business insurance protects the person from claims of negligence.

Businesses today need to be protected all the time. Without proper insurance, businesses remain vulnerable to multiple lawsuits and will have to pay out of their own pocket. They risk losing potential clients because of lack of insurance or, even worse, they can be shut down for not having proper insurance coverage.

Nationwide Insurance – Barfield Insurance is the insurance agency that can prevent all these from happening. We serve clients in Orlando, FL and all surrounding areas. Trust us with your business insurance and you won’t be disappointed. For more information contact our assistants at (321) 332-7090.